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RoundFlash Ring Collapsible

This ring flash adapter changes a regular speedlight mounted on your DSLR hot shoe into a huge ring flash. RoundFlash Ring is designed to give the best ringflash effect possible. Its sizeable diameter allows you to lighten objects with big, round, smooth flash light. It produces shadowless, impressive pictures. The light from a powerful hot-shoe flash gun reflects in the mirror system inside and becomes a very even ring of light.

After you have set up the RoundFlash™ Ring by unfolding five magnetic rods, it takes a few seconds to activate it with two moves on the camera. Both hands stay free to operate the camera and the lens when you shoot. Its ultra-lightweight construction and soft mount eliminate any risk of damaging or scratching the lens or flash unit.

You can still gel your flash and you can still use the TTL mode.

Diameter: 45cm / 17,7"
Depth: 16cm / 6,3\"
Weight: 313g / 11oz
Weight w. pouch: 343g / 12 oz
Pouch dimension: 20cm x 16cm / 8" x 6"

Max distance between lens axis and upper flash outline 22cm \\ 8,7\"
Flash opening 8cm x 8cm \\ 3,2\" x 3,2\"
Max lens diameter 10cm / 4\"
Power output ~ F/16 ( Nikon SB910 , 1m distance, ISO 400 )


10,00 €Price
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